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Catie Cares 4 Pets
Initial Consultation
Catie Cares 4 Pets

Pet Sitting

 The initial consultation is a time to meet you and your pet, while gathering essential information.                             We discuss your pet(s) routine, become famiiar with your pet's home.  Paperwork is also completed,
 including instructions for feeding and watering, exercise and playtime, potty breaks, administering 
medication, and any house-hold duties requested if going out of  town.  Contact information is also
 gathered and any other pertinent information.        

         Pet sitting visits are approximately 30 minutes in length,  Included in the visit:
            Litterbox scooping
           Administering any medications
           Exercise (short walk or play in the yard; often both)
           Lots of love and attention 
    At no extra cost, Catie Cares 4 Pets will:
       Bring in mail and newspaper  
       Turn lights on and off
       Open and close curtains
       Water plants inside or on deck/porch
​Dog Walking
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​Dog walks typically occur midday.  These are 30 minutes in length, which allows exercise time as well as potty time.  Dogs are very social animals and often become bored and lonely when left alone for long periods during the day or evening.  Boredom and loneliness often lead to destructive behaviors such as chewing or soiling.  A 
regularly scheduled romp, potty time and company can keep your pet stimulated and you happy.
If you are homebound and unable to walk or play with your pet outside, 
Catie Cares 4 Pets can help you as well!
General Prices:

Pet-Sitting per visit.....................$18.00*

Dog Walking per walk.................$18.00*

*All prices subject to change.  Pricing depends on terms of service requested.